Terms and Conditions


I declare that I intend to use some or all of the activities, facilities, programs and services (herein after called “Activities”) offered by Nourished Yoga. I understand that different people have different capacities for participating in the various Activities and I for my choices to use or apply at my own risk, any portion of the instruction or guidance that I receive while participating in these Activities. 

I understand that the risk involved in undertaking any of the Activities is related to my own state of fitness or health, and the awareness, care and skill with which I conduct myself in any of the Activities. I also understand that I am free to withdraw from, reduce or modify my involvement in any of the Activities and I realize that I should do so on recognition of any signs of physical discomfort.

I further understand that the possible risks involved in participating in these Activities may include muscle, tendon, ligament, bone and joint soreness; muscle, tendon and ligament strain, tear or rip; bruising, death; skin laceration; tears, cuts, punctures; shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, or unconsciousness; tightness in chest, bone breaks, discoloration, separations or fractures; fatigue; sweating; eye punctures; heart attack or stroke; aggravation of an existing or past injury; discomfort or problem with any other injury; discomfort or physical problems associated with physical activity, and many other forms of physical discomfort. 

I understand just as with other types of physical activity, that there are potential risks in physical fitness and accept all responsibility and waive any legal recourse against Nourished Yoga, its servants, agents, contractors, instructors and employees from any claims resulting from the personal fitness program. 

I have read the above list of possible risks associated with my participation in the Activities offered by Nourished Yoga.

I consent to taking all of the above noted risks by VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATING in the Activities.

Classes are non-refundable.
Group classes must be cancelled more than 3 hours prior to advertised start time of class to avoid being charged.
Private classes must be cancelled more than 48 hours prior to start time of class to avoid being charged.
Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice. Classes can be changed periodically throughout the year based on studio needs.

I declare that I have read, understand and agree to the contents of the CANCELLATION POLICY and the INFORMED CONSENT AGREEMENT in its entirety.


  1. This pass goes into effect from the date of purchase.
  2. Memberships may not be shared or transferred.
  3. Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice. Classes can be changed periodically throughout the year based on studio needs.
  4. Late class cancellation and late entry policies and fees are listed on our website.
  5. Your membership will auto renew to a month-to-month contract with your current rate after completing your initial term.
  6. A 14 day cancellation notice is required if you do not want your contract to auto renew, by emailing lisa@nourishedyoga.com.au.
  7. If you need to cancel your membership before the contract is complete, you must submit a request to lisa@nourishedyoga.com.au and will be charged 50% of the remaining balance of your contract.
  8. 6 month memberships only: You may request a maximum of 1 membership freeze for up to one month by emailing your request to lisa@nourishedyoga.com.au.
  9. This contract is based on a 48 week calendar year.

If you have any questions at all please email lisa@nourishedyoga.com.au 

We look forward to seeing you in class!